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Buckinghamshire Referees Society Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy

Buckinghamshire Referees Society

Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy

  1. Keeping Children and Adults Safe

1.1.  Safeguarding is a matter taken very seriously by Buckinghamshire Referees Society and all its members. We will use the RFU Safeguarding policy as the framework that we work within Link

1.2.  The referee society understand that when officiating rugby where children are playing we will look to ensure that we provide a safe, secure and enjoyable environment, and adhere to the principles laid out in section 7 of the Age Grade Rugby Code of Practice Link and RFU Regulation 21 Link

1.3.  Buckinghamshire Referees Society has a dedicated Safeguarding Officer, any concerns or questions please contact them on the contact e-mail address or telephone number below

1.4.  To endeavour to ensure we deliver this safe environment for both young players and young match officials to enjoy their rugby experience we will undertake the following activities and actions:

1.4.1.     We will, wherever practicable, appoint a DBS checked referee to U18 matches. They must        also have signed to say they have read and will adhere to the RFU Safeguarding Policy

1.4.2.     Buckinghamshire will run “Play it Safe” Courses and seminars for its members and CMODs, in line with RFU Best Practice

1.4.3.     Safeguarding will be a standing item on the agenda of all executive meetings

1.4.4.     Under 18 Match Officials will only be managed and mentored by members whom have a current DBS and have undertaken the “Play it Safe” course (to be completed in the 2019-20 season)

1.4.5.     Under 18 Match Officials will receive a presentation on what Buckinghamshire Referee Society will do to support them to be safeguarded themselves, we will also invite their parents

1.4.6.     Videoing Games/Referees for Training/Development

  • If the society wishes to video an U18 Game – they must have permission from BOTH clubs

  • If the society wishes to video an U18 Referee – they must have parental permission

1.4.7.     Review the policy annually and update as required

  1. Contact numbers

  1. Resources to be consulted for up to date safeguarding advice and recommendations

If you suspect any concerns around safeguarding, do not hesitate to seek advice.

In an emergency, if a child is in immediate danger, call 999

  1. Child protection policy

4.1.  Buckinghamshire Referees Society have adopted the RFU’s Safeguarding Policy

4.1.1.     When refereeing young players match officials should:

  • Recognise the importance of fun and enjoyment when officiating young players

  • Appreciate the needs of the players

  • Be a positive role model

  • Recognise that safety is paramount

  • Provide positive verbal feedback during games

  • Explain decisions – most young players are still learning

  • Not tolerate verbal abuse

  1. Match Officials MUST NOT

  • Change in the same area as young players

  • Shower with young players – agree with the coaches a timetable

  • Be alone with young players at any time – if a young player comes into the dressing room ensure another adult is present

  • Unless in an emergency, administer first aid

  • Check studs without the coach being present

  • Allow a young player to continue playing if you have doubts about their fitness to do so

  • Tolerate bad language from young players

  • Overtly criticise young players or use language which may cause the player to lose confidence or self esteem

  • Make sexually explicit remarks to young players even in fun

  • Engage in any inappropriate contact with young players

  • Give a lift to a player unless there are other young people or adults in the car and the parents are aware and informed

  • Take a young player to your home

  1. Match Officials MUST ALWAYS

6.1.  Report, in writing, to the Club or CB Safeguarding Officer and/or the RFU Safeguarding Team, behaviour by adults which you feel contravenes the RFU Safeguarding Policy

  • Verbal bullying by coaches/parents/spectators

  • Physical abuse by coaches/parents/spectators

  • Inappropriate or aggressive contact by an adult to a young person

  • Verbal abuse directed at you by young people or adults

REMEMBER “The welfare of all young people is paramount”

Start Date of Policy 1st September 2019                                              Review by 31st August 2020

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